Weatherized Minerals

Pasture forages obtain their mineral content through transfer of minerals from the soil to the forage itself. Years of growth, erosion, and environmental conditions drain soil of certain minerals necessary for proper livestock nutrition. Additionally, many areas of the United States and Canada are typically deficient in certain minerals. Without proper nutritional supplementation, grazing livestock are unable to maintain the proper mineral levels they need to support maintenance, growth and most importantly, breeding requirements. 

Furthermore, numerous research trials have documented the effect of trace minerals and vitamins on rumen metabolism and the consequent improvement of forage utilization. Table 1 illustrates such results of an in-vitro study conducted by the University of Missouri. Note that the greatest response in rumen microbial activity occurred following the introduction of trace minerals into the rumen fluid. Depending on environmental conditions and livestock performance goals, free choice mineral supplementation may be sufficient alone and will enhance other supplementation programs when needed.


Rumen Microbs Chart
A. Hay
B. Protein
C. Minerals (Response came from trace minerals)
D. Minerals and Protein in combination
Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition currently manufactures and distributes a line of high quality, effective, and cost efficient dry minerals under the trade name of Xtraformance Feeds. All minerals are manufactured by the parent company's dry mineral plant in Pratt, Kansas. This gives Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition several advantages. First, product quality is assured because the entire process from mixing to bagging and shipment falls under our complete control and meticulous quality control standards. Second, we maintain the capability to custom formulate minerals to meet each producer's specific needs. Finally, Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition is able to utilize the combined talent of the parent company's nutritionists to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition range minerals offer several unique features and benefits as compared to those provided by other companies, such as:

  • "Weatherized" to prevent waste and nutrient leaching when exposed to inclement weather challenges and to aid in consistent, predictable consumption.
  • Optimum trace mineral and vitamin levels to meet the requirements of the larger, more productive cows found in today's industry.
  • Utilization of more available forms of trace minerals, such as sulfates and amino acid complexes.
  • Sensitivity of regional differences in available mineral, as reflected by formulation adjustments when needed.
  • The availability of several additive choices when requested, to achieve management goals.