Saddle Repair Pricelist

Saddle Repair Pricelist (08-06-22)
-Shop Rate is $65 an hour
- All saddles that come in for repair will be inspected for worn or weak areas
-Repairs and replacements will be done on both sides of saddle
- Prices exclude any taxes or shipping
- Saddles not picked up within 60 days of completion will be sold


· Replace Sheepskin includes replacing skirt plugs-$450

· Replace Skirts with New Sheepskin and Plugs-$620

· Rebraid Skirts with Kangaroo Lace-$65


· Recover Horn Without Taking Swell Cover Off -$145

· Recover Horn Taking Swell Cover Off (Minimum of $250, price can go up do to how hard to take swell cover off)

· Recover Horn with Cap and Wrap-$140

· Re-Stitch Horn $55 and up

· Wrap Horn with mule hide, elk, latigo, or chrome elk horn wrap-$45


· Plain Saddler Fender-$150

· Twist and Wrap-$125

· Replace Rivets or Lacing-$25

Stirrup Leathers

· 2 ½” Half Length Stirrup Leather-$130

· 2 ½” Full Length Stirrup Leather-$155

· 3” Half Length Stirrup Leather-$145

· 3” Full Length Stirrup Leather-$175

· New Blevins Buckles-$45 per pair

Cantle Binding

· Replace Cheyenne Roll Style Cantle Binding-$230

· Replace Standard Cantle Binding-$200

· Re-stitch Cantle Binding-$125

Rear Jockey

· Replace Plain Rear Jockey-$235


· Replace Front Dee Rigging Attached to Tree-$260

· Replace Rear Dee Rigging Attached to Tree-$210

· Replace In-Skirt Rigging-$180and up

Other Repairs

· Saddle inspection, cleaning, and oiling $90-180

· Replace tree $1350 and up, plus the cost
of tree

· Restring Saddle with waxed treated saddle strings-$25 per string (if strings go through tree will be charged by shop rate time)

· New swell cover $290 and up 

· New Rope Strap $45 for buckle style (replace
both buckle strap and strap)

Contact for any other repairs not listed