Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition

Performance minded solutions from Professionals in animal nutrition

The primary objective of every cattleman is to increase profitability through reducing annual production costs and increasing productivity. 

  • The factors which affect this profitability: 
  • The cost of maintaining the cow per year
  • Pounds of beef weaned per cow exposed,
  • The volatility of market prices 


Anipro Xtraformance Nutritions' fundamental philosophy is to acquire and keep customers. It is our belief that if we work hard to identify customers, learn what their needs are and passionately service the account, then profitability and growth will naturally follow. If profitability is placed before this fundamental belief, then corners are cut, quality is sacrificed and ultimately customers are lost to those who hold true to this philosophy.

This philosophy is founded on four basic guiding principles

First and foremost, our philosophy is supported through quality products which start with quality ingredients. Ingredients should be selected for their appropriateness for the production system and bio availability. Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition uses a fixed ingredient set in our formulas, unlike many other companies who "least cost formulate". This practice gives us visual consistency and predictable consumption, while allowing our price to be stable during the supplement season. This philosophy is founded on four basic guiding principles:

Secondly, Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition practices consultative selling which focuses on customer interviews to ensure that the proper nutrition is matched with customer preferences. Through this consultative process, Anipro Xtraformance Nutritions' sales representatives and dealers learn the objectives and goals of the producer, the forage quality and quantity by forage testing and the environmental and logistical challenges from the producer to design a supplementation strategy that has an excellent opportunity and potential to optimize each individual's productivity.

Thirdly, our philosophy is built around the fact that we are a supplement versus a feed. Without a feed program in place that provides quantity, it is difficult for a supplement program to demonstrate quality. Supplements are designed to balance the feed program, not replace it. When put in the position to replace a portion of, or the entire feed program, the result will be lower than expected performance and higher than expected cost. Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition considers this an ethical issue, where the right amount of supplement is sold to give the optimum level of performance. Consumption which is too high results in excess cost and consumptions too low for the specific situation result in substandard performance.

Finally, Anipro Xtraformance Nutrition is committed to selling nutrition versus products. Our basic goal is to identify the nutritional requirements of each individual producer's herd and compare this with the nutrient contribution provided by available feedstuffs to determine the nutritional package required to achieve optimum performance. Once the required nutrition package has been identified, then product options are provided to the producer to match with his personal and unique preferences, desires and logistical challenges. Bottom Line: We don't prefer one product over another as long as the nutrient requirements of the herd are met.