Cattle Supplements

SweetPro® Feeds produces Vitamin, Mineral and Digestive Aid supplements for livestock and pioneered the use of Distillers Grains (DDGS) on rangeland. Dried Distillers Grains as a carrier for supplementation provides significant benefits to the Rancher, the Feeder, the Consumer and the Land itself.

Although used in feedlot and dairy settings, until SweetPro’s patented non-molasses DDG block became available for rangeland applications, the benefits of feeding Distillers Grains were unavailable to these non-bunk fed livestock. Historically many small farmers steeped grains before feeding to their animals. SweetPro has overcome the historic mechanical limitations with stabilization for open range feeding, organic complexed trace minerals, multiple classes of viable digestive enzymes and prebiotics to deliver maximum performance potential. Additionally, a proprietary blend additive, “ProBiotein®” is included to assure that the most complementary amino acid profile is available.

SweetPro complements a forage based diet by NOT using starch or sugar (which can create a rumen Negative Associative Effect) as the main ingredient. SweetPro blocks contain multiple classes of dietary/insoluble fibers, “prebiotics” (AXOS, XOS, MOS, FOS plus Beta-glucan) to feed the fiber digesting rumen microbial populations.

SweetPro blocks have high bypass protein. This is most important during the two key times when the cow’s protein demands are greatest, late stage pregnancy and peak milking demand.

When these protein and fiber oriented energy benefits are combined with SweetPro’s strong vitamin and mineral package,ranchers have a solid tool to support animals when forage is poor. These poor-quality forages can be fully utilized with pastures stretched or more animals run on the same ground.

SweetPro benefits the Rancher by supporting improved feed efficiency, herd health and fertility. It also supports the producer by providing new options for grass finishing and more “Pounds on Pasture” per day than older means of vitamin and mineral supplementation.

SweetPro products support the Feeder with feed efficient calves. Less corn may be needed in the finishing process.

The Consumer benefits through meat that has supported mineral deposition and taste.

The Land itself also gains advantages. With supported feed efficiency, stress on pastures may be reduced while more efficient digestion allows for an even spread of softer stools that are much easier for dung beetles to work into the soils.

SweetPro Feeds’ combination of a cost-efficient vitamin and mineral delivery system along with supported improvement in forage feed efficiency has impacted ranching, feeding and the nation positively.